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Why the Radio Industry Needs to Hear From Your Streaming Company

Posted by Karyn Bak on July 14, 2015

streaming-companyAs the industry evolves and reshapes itself to the new digital milieu, in order to stay on the cutting edge, it needs to hear from your streaming company. Online streaming is no longer an option for radio stations—it’s a necessity. In this post we’ll look at why that is, as well as what your streaming company can do to best align itself with the interests of an industry that’s in constant motion.

Streaming audio is a rapidly growing distribution model for radio. In 2010, 93 million Americans listened to digital radio. Today, nearly 170 million do. By the end of the decade, a projected 200 million Americans will listen to streaming services.

With such compelling growth projections, it’s imperative that terrestrial stations offer a strong digital listening option. There are few additional costs involved, since stations are already spending on content creation, operation costs, brand marketing, etc. And, while providing an additional source of revenue for stations, streaming also provides a wealth of market research through the advanced analytics made possible by digital advertising.

All they need is the technology.  

That’s where your streaming company comes in. Stations need streaming companies that have the know-how to serve the digital ads many advertisers are now demanding, while providing a great end-user experience. They need a company that can help them track and respond to their audience’s listening habits, and create more sophisticated demographic models. They need a company that can serve high ROI producing targeted ads (based on location and interests) that are relevant — wanted, even — for their audience.

There are 15,330 broadcast radio stations in the United States, and while many are offering compelling streaming opportunities, a large percentage lag in offering the advanced metric tracking and ad-serving services they need to unlock the true revenue potential of online streaming.  

And they’re waiting for your call.



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