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Why the Radio Industry Needs to Hear From Your Email Marketing Company

Posted by Karyn Bak on June 16, 2015

radio_stations_need_email_marketingAs the radio industry continues to evolve and adapt to compete with new models of distribution, there will be an increasing demand for companies that can help it make the technological shift. Previously, we’ve talked about why the radio industry needs to hear from your web development company, but that’s not the only place they need help. Many stations are expanding their digital marketing efforts and advertising options to include email marketing.

Two Types of Services

So how is radio using email marketing? Radio stations need the help of email marketing companies on two fronts: Business to consumer (B2C) marketing, where the station markets to its listeners and uses this as an advertising asset as well; and business to business (B2B) marketing, in which the target audience includes potential and current advertisers.

1) Benefits on the Business to Consumer Side (B2C)

Where radio excels as an advertising medium is its high ROI, but in exchange it sacrifices the more sophisticated methods of metrics tracking and market segmentation that digital advertising can provide. Email then—having the highest ROI of any kind of digital marketing—is the perfect adjunct to a station's marketing efforts.

Radio stations need email marketing companies that can help them better engage with their listeners. Listeners can be kept up to date about their favorite station’s news and promotional events through the delivery of newsletters. Contests can also be held through email to increase audience engagement.

Additionally, email can help stations conduct better market segmentation through the use of surveys, focus groups, and other demographic research, all made possible through email marketing.

2) Benefits on the Business to Business Side (B2B)

On the B2B side of things, radio needs email marketing in order to market itself to potential advertisers. This works in two ways. First, it helps to:

Improve and Enable the Sales Process

The ability to provide B2B email marketing best practices is invaluable to a radio station. First, email marketing is a great way to generate and nurture new leads.

Second, through the analytic data and market segmentation provided by email, stations can better market their services to the companies they already do business with. Both of these combined mean stations can generate more revenue, more effectively.

Provide More Marketing Solutions to Advertisers

Email marketing is both the medium and the message that will help stations to attract new business. A better understanding of audience demographics means advertisers will be able to create more relevant broadcast ads, and the ability to offer email marketing campaignsas mentioned abovealongside these more traditional advertising solutions will be a huge revenue generating opportunity.

Today, we are seeing radio transition to a more hybrid model of distribution and engagement with listenersproviding new opportunities to connect advertisers with the right audience. By keeping these points in mind when approaching and talking to media companies about your email marketing services, you’ll be better prepared to address the needs of the station in a variety of ways.




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