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Tuesday 10/13/2015

New eBook: How to Sell to the Radio Industry - Your Ultimate Guide

Posted by Karyn Bak

Here at Inside Radio, we understand that a radio station is not an island. Running a successful station depends on the hard work and collaboration of numerous other businesses, both inside and outside the radio industry.

That’s why we’re proud to announce a new eBook, written just for businesses looking to market their products and services directly to the radio industry executives and decision makers who need them the most. How to Sell to the Radio Industry: Your Ultimate Guide to Connecting with and Marketing to Decision Makers in Radio offers a comprehensive look at how to market your products and services to the radio industry in a way that sells.

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Tuesday 03/24/2015

How to Set Your Marketing Budget in Line with ROI Expectations​

Posted by Advertising Insider

There’s a fine balance between creating a marketing budget and setting appropriate expectations for your return on investment (ROI.) 

Here are three steps that you can take to set the correct marketing budget to support a successful campaign, and to set realistic ROI expectations:

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Wednesday 03/18/2015

How the Radio Decision Maker is Changing (Quickly!)

Posted by Advertising Insider

Things have changed dramatically over the last several years in the radio industry. Innovative media companies are evolving to maintain their position at the top of their field, from implementing new digital strategies to adapting to new ways that listeners consume their content. As radio stations change the way that they do business, the way that you market your services and products to the radio industry needs to change as well.

Fact: The traditional decision makers in radio have changed, often rewriting the entire business model. Let’s take a look…

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Thursday 03/12/2015

How to Get More Clicks on Your Banner Ads

Posted by Advertising Insider

One of the most widely debated topics around marketing is ROI. How do you measure it? How do you ensure that you’re seeing a return on your investment? And what can you do differently to make sure your advertising dollars are well spent?

These questions are asked every day from advertisers who want to reach decision ­makers within the radio industry. And while banner ads often play a role in branding and product awareness, the most common goal tends to be the coveted “click."

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