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Saying More: The Power of Content Marketing and Advertorials

Posted by Karyn Bak on July 30, 2015

Power of Content Marketing

Does your marketing message extend past a short phrase on a banner ad or 140 characters in a tweet? In all likelihood, your answer is yes, and there’s a good chance that content marketing and advertorials might be right for you. Content marketing allows your business to attract and retain an audience with more than a flashy slogan or a plea for shares. By learning how to use rich content like advertorials, videos and webinars, your business can flourish in a world where everyone else is saying less.

Why Content?

An advertorial is a piece of paid content marketing designed to read like an article, editorial, blog post, or news story. However, this piece is written by a business with the aim at selling a product or service to a business or individual. The most popular place for content marketing with advertorials is within newspapers, blogs, journals, websites, and magazines.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, one of the earliest advertorials hit newsstands in 1895. That year, farm giant John Deere released the first copy of their magazine The Furrow, which contained farm tips and agricultural reports for farmers and those in the industry. Though the information was original, the magazine also mixed in advertorials for their farming products in each release. The audience was hooked. Today, The Furrow has a circulation of 1.5 million readers and is published in 12 different languages.

Obviously, content is still one of the most attractive offerings a business can provide to a client. With the barrage of information available today, customers crave legitimate content to help them make buying decisions. Instead of being told to purchase an item, they want to be taught about why the product is the best. Buyers want to learn what they can do with the service they are purchasing—and they want the information to be easily accessible and available at all times for themselves and their company.

Content Designed for the Right Audience

Reaching an engaged audience is one of the most important factors advertisers look for when placing their content marketing. Options like sponsored posts on social media pages and blog articles are relatively inexpensive and easy to implement. However, reaching the relevant audience can be difficult, and the ROI for this type of marketing may not be clear.

Inside Radio's content marketing opportunities can expand your business’ content reach to those in the radio industry. Advertisers can go big with 600 word articles or offer shorter snippets of their message with 75 word features. There is also the opportunity to attract radio leaders with even more engaging content solutions such as webinars, video advertisements, testimonials, white papers and tutorials. With exclusive content targeted to match the right industry-based audience, the potential ROI is attainable and easily defined.

Advertorial Best Practices

Placing a sponsored post is a relatively easy task, but there are a few tips advertisers need to learn if they want to leverage this type of content. For example, Advertising Insider breaks down the must-do rules of advertorials, such as creating content that looks like it belongs in the place it is being shared, keeping the message relevant and engaging, and including a strong call-to-action. Quality is always important, so advertisers should take heed to create content that is mistake-free and readable.

In addition, every advertiser should plan their content marketing and advertorials around their marketing strategies and goals. This includes knowing the target audience along with their needs and drives. The content should also be written with the results that you seek (i.e. content to educate readers about a product or content that prompts a purchase) in mind. Many advertisers have existing blog posts that can be tweaked to provide good B2B or B2C content marketing.

Capitalizing on Content

Sponsored content is the gateway to finding the right audience for your product or service. It attracts a higher level of viewership, it retains the audience’s attention and can give your business the opportunity to convey a powerful call-to-action. At Inside Radio, we provide a wide selection of content services that can connect you to the radio industry community. 



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