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Landing Page Optimization: The Power of Images

Posted by Advertising Insider on December 17, 2015

Landing Page OptimizationLanding pages are a vital component of any digital marketing campaign — including those run with us at Inside Radio. They’re an important step in the conversion funnel, and a great landing page can lead to increased lead generation for any campaign, especially B2B marketing. Additionally, landing pages can provide important metric data to marketers for determining the success of a campaign.

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that images can be extremely powerful when it comes to online conversions. This is why this post will focus specifically on the power of images for landing page optimization and how using images on your landing page can be a surefire way to boost your next marketing campaign.  

Images Draw the Eye Upon Arrival

The landing page is the beginning of your conversion funnel, not the end. Just because a user winds up there, doesn’t mean they’ll stick around if you don’t give them a reason to. Images are a powerful hook because the brain can process them much faster than text. In fact, neuroscientists have found that someone needs to be exposed to an image for just 13 milliseconds for it to grab their attention.  

So, be sure your landing page always has an image that matches the copy and call-to-action for that page —something that aligns with your brand messaging but also is appealing to your ideal customer. Think about it as a way to tie the whole page together.

Images Can Help Viewers Answer Their Initial Questions

Inevitably, one of the most common first questions someone has when they visit a landing page is, “Am I in the right place for what I’m looking for?” Images can quickly reassure a visitor that they are.

For example, using an image of a person on your landing page can be effective. This is because the part of our brain responsible for facial recognition is closely tied to emotion. Showing a person using the product or service that you’re advertising is an efficient way to ease your audience's anxiety about whether they’re in the right place.

Another example might be having an image directly related to the offer you're promoting on the ad they clicked on. Whether it's about a special discount offer or a new product you're promoting, the image could help connect the dots for the visitor.

Your Images Need to Represent Your Brand as Well

Selecting an image that compliments your brand in tone and style can be a nuanced task. Just take a look at the variations in how different wedding photographers represent their brands and you’ll see what we mean.

In any case, using the wrong kind of imagery can distract your audience from your message, and even turn them off to your business. Think about what sort of tone you wish to convey, then choose an image wisely. For example, your sales consulting company may include an image of staff members in a board room or someone giving a presentation to a group. This image would convey a professional tone because that’s the audience you’re trying to reach. A professional business of this nature would most likely not choose an image with an animated character or bright, light-hearted imagery because that simply would not align with the audience.

On the other hand, if your sales consulting company is targeting the radio industry in particular (like those who advertise with Inside Radio) you might want to avoid photos that are overly professional and not properly matching the radio industry, keeping in mind that most radio professionals (outside of sales) don’t wear suits on a day-to-day basis.

You can see that it’s important to not only reflect the tone of your brand but to keep your audience in mind as well.

Use Images That Accurately Represent the Landing Page

Likewise, only use images that succeed in communicating what is happening on the landing page. Obviously, what that image is will depend on the landing page’s purpose, but the takeaway here is not to just use an image for the sake of having an image. Take some time to think about what you're selling or promoting, and what sort of image would best convey your message.

For example, if it’s a landing page for a software download, a screenshot of the software in use would be more appropriate than a picture of someone simply using a computer. Or a download of an eBook may include the cover of the book itself.

Visual aids have been used in advertising for as long as advertising has been around, so including images on your landing page isn’t exactly a new idea. But that doesn’t change the fact that it can be effective in boosting your conversion rates, driving new leads, and helping your business reach its desired audience and achieve its marketing goals. In the end, you want to use an image that is on-brand, communicates what the viewer will be receiving, and is attention grabbing. Utilize these tips when adding imagery to your future landing pages and you’re sure to see the results! 


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