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How Twitter Can Help You Uncover Your Next Best Prospects

Posted by Karyn Bak on June 26, 2015

If you’re new to prospecting via social platforms, or if you’re thinking of expanding your social reach to engage prospects on Twitter, these pointers can help you get started.

Why use Twitter to connect with prospects? Not only does the platform continue to grow in membership (Pew Research Center), but Twitter is also a great place to engage brands. Check out a few of these Twitter stats:


  • B2B marketers who use Twitter generate twice as many leads as those who don’t (Social Media Today).

  • About 34% of marketers are able to successfully generate leads through Twitter (Jeff Bullas).

Your prospects and competition are using Twitter, and there has never been a better time to familiarize yourself with the platform and open an account if you haven’t already. Twitter is a great place to easily use keywords to find and connect with your target brands, decision makers and buyers. Now let’s take a look at how you can use Twitter to find new prospects.

How to Find Prospects On Twitter

Answer Questions

Are your customers, your competitors’ customers, or potential prospects asking questions or looking for something you can provide the answer for? Use the search tool to conduct keyword searches for relevant terms and engage with people asking questions. You can use a third party app like Twilert to send you alerts whenever your keywords are tweeted, reminding you to check in and take part in the conversation.

Determine Keywords

Keywords are integral to narrowing down your search results on Twitter, so be sure you’re using terms relevant to your industry. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to help you develop a strong keyword strategy.

Need more convincing? Maggie Hibma uses Twitter keyword searches to quickly identify and engage with prospects for Hubspot. Hibma chooses 3-4 keywords for her targeted search and uses the Twitter search tool to find out who is talking about her keywords. She then strikes up a conversation with the people discussing her keywords, offering them related content or availing herself as a resource.

Engage Prospects On Twitter

The key to successfully using Twitter in social media marketing for B2B sales is to be active and engaged on the platform. Instead of just tweeting information and logging out, engage prospects in conversations, retweet relevant tweets, and follow potential prospects when it makes sense. The more active you are, the more responsive people will be.

The best way to make sure that your valuable content is reaching your target audience is to have prospects following you on Twitter. Engagement is the key to getting your prospects to follow you, and Matthew Cook outlines three easy steps you can take on SalesHub: finding your prospects on Twitter, making yourself known by following, and creating public lists with your prospects (they’ll receive a notification when you put them on your list), and convincing them by retweeting and favoriting their tweets as well as tweeting your own valuable content.

Don’t Forget About Your Customers

The best place to start on Twitter is with your customers – who are they following? Who do they know? Because Twitter is an open forum, you are able to conduct market research easily. And don’t forget to engage with your customers, retweeting and starting conversations with them.

Use Social Media Management Tools

With the right tools assisting you, you don’t have to spend a ton of time on Twitter. Hootesuite is a program that allows you to set up Twitter streams (among other things), so you just need to log in and scroll down to review pertinent activity. You can set streams to follow keywords and competitors, allowing you to see all of your activity at a glance.

If you’re pressed for time, you can use Hootesuite to schedule tweets for you (but don’t rely too heavily on this — personality and interaction is what we’re looking for here).

Follow Potential Prospects and Locate Influencers

Now that you’re using a social media management tool, you’re able to use keywords to locate prospects and influencers. You can create dedicated streams based on specific terms, allowing you to find out what prospects and influencers are doing and saying, and more importantly, making it easy for you to engage with them.

With 93% of businesses using content marketing, 85% of whom use Twitter for B2B marketing, Twitter should definitely be on your radar (Content Marketing Institute). With a little bit of planning and the help of management tools, keyword searches and alerts, you can meaningfully engage with prospects, customers and influencers (without spending a lot of time doing it).





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