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9 Email Marketing Secrets from the Experts!

Posted by Karyn Bak on March 08, 2016
email marketing secrets

There’s a reason that, despite being one of the oldest digital marketing channels still in use today, email remains one of the most popular tools in the digital marketer’s toolbox. In terms of ROI, email continues to beat out SEO, social media, and PPC advertising. Looking to hone your email marketing chops? Check out these email marketing secrets to success from the pros.

1.Offer Something of Value

The average person receives a whopping 84 emails per day, so you need to offer something of value to your reader to get noticed. Have a value proposition, and to successfully employ it in email format, it should be concise and to the point. When planning your email marketing campaign, understand the value of your offer, then boil that down to the bare essentials. Value propositions make great subject lines that can help you grab your audience's attention and get your email read.  

2. Keep Your Subject Title Engaging AND Follow Best Practices

It’s one thing to communicate your value proposition in the subject line of an email. It’s quite another to do it effectively. Your subject line is—hands down—the most important piece of copy in a marketing email—64% of people decide whether to open an email based on it’s subject line—so it’s imperative that you make it as strong as possible.  

Do keep your subject line short and sweet. Research shows that a subject line with ten characters or less will have an open rate of 58%. At the very most, you should try not to exceed 50 characters.

3. Make Use of Automation

Automated workflows are an email marketer’s best friend. They introduce a huge variety of powerful actions that not only save you time, but would otherwise be impossible. Let’s look at an ecommerce site, for example: with workflows, an email can automatically be sent when a customer abandons an item in their shopping cart, and thus redirect them back into the conversion funnel. For more great automation ideas, check out this HubSpot article, 13 Email Workflows You Should Be Using in Your Marketing Automation.

4. Segment Your Message to Different Audiences

Segmentation allows marketers to convey their message to different groups of people, based on a variety of factors. When planning your next email marketing campaign, decide which criteria you should use in segmentation first. Sorting your prospects by criteria like interest level, annual income, or geographical location can help you tailor your copy and offers to best fit the needs of a particular list, and boost your conversion levels.

5. Test for Different Email Clients

That emoji in your subject line may make sense when your main prospects are iOS users, but will it display the same for someone running Thunderbird on a Windows XP laptop? Is that large image going to render correctly for mobile users?

Tiny mistakes like these can drastically affect the legibility of your email for a wide number of users. Make sure to test your copy over a variety of email clients before sending it. Tools like Litmus and Email on Acid make it a snap to do, so there’s really no excuse not to.

6. Email Readership Is Extremely Mobile

Last year, 45% of email opens happened over mobile devices. Depending on your target audience, that figure can be up to 70%. With mobile so popular, you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you engage in email marketing that doesn't accommodate mobile users. This is about design more than it’s about content. Make sure you pay attention to things like pixel width and font size, or a large percentage of your audience is going to have to squint to see your message. And most won’t; they’ll simply move on.

7. Stay Focused

Each email you send should only be about one thing: encouraging the reader to follow your call-to-action. If your goal is to alert them about an upcoming sale, don’t let the focus of your email stray from this point. Doing so sends mixed messages about what you want the prospect to do, and ultimately, hurts your ROI.

8. Keep It Quick and to the Point

The information presented in your email should be concise and easy to digest.

  • Bullet points are very effective in achieving this.
  • Images can be effective, but make sure they’ll display correctly.
  • Use an engaging, conversational tone that will resonate with your target audience.

9. Make Sure You’re Tracking the Correct Metrics

If you aren’t paying attention to the performance of your email campaigns, you’ll be doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Make sure you’re tracking the appropriate metrics for your campaign, so you can learn what your audience responds to, and improve future ROI.

With the power to generate $38 in revenue for every $1 spent, email marketing is an excellent way for advertisers to reach their target audience effectively. Whether your goal is to boost your own marketing ROI, or land more clients for your email marketing company, these tips are sure to improve your stats.


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